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Reducing Spindles

These are used where the stair meets the ceiling under a landing and can be made to measure in most patterns.  Each successive spindle is usually 100mm shorter that the last.




Below is a drawing setting out the reducing spindles.





When a handrail hits the underside of a ceiling line or a second flight string we recommend that you run a length of handrail up from the bottom newel until it meets the ceiling/string and a further length of handrail along the underside of the ceiling/string.  Where the two handrails meet they should be mitred together and fixed using a combination of glue, screws, dowels and/or metal plate.  As spindles reach the underside of the ceiling/string they will become shorter in length.  To maintain an aesthetically pleasing balance with the pitch of the stairs and handrail, we try and keep the bottom square of all spindles the same length and reduce the spindle from the top downwards.

Depending on the style of spindle you are using it may be necessary to cut into the turned part of the spindle and to space the timber fillets, the parts between the spindle, using a coping saw to suit the spindles radius.  Fix the spindles and fillets as normal with glue and panel pins/lost head nails.







Our recommendation is that you sketch out on a drawing the space you require to fill.  Provide us with dimensions of the opening .  If this is a new development and you are choosing one of our existing spindles from our web-site then all you need to do is inform us of which spindle.  

Send the details on our "Contact Us" field and we will advise and price you with a solution.

If however, you are matching an existing spindle then we will need a rough sketch and design of the spindle.  Again Aerowood Stairs can advise and price you a solution.  If you agree to the price, you will need to send one of the existing newels to us to match perfectly.

Aerowood Stairs sell spindles in all shapes and sizes but remember if you have any questions don't hesitate to phone us about your spindle choice.  We are a very friendly company, phone Aerowood Stairs on (647) 8611778.

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