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Stair Designs

Seen here are some examples of Closed Rise, Open Rise, Closed String, Concealed String and Cut String stair designs.

Closed rise stair:

Standard stairs with tread & rise housed into the stair string on either side. Needs soffit lining or cupboard underneath after installation.

Open rise stair:

No rise between the treads, so you can see through them. Lets light through the stair – a great idea for small spaces, or for when stairs go over another staircase.

Closed string stair:

Closed string stair is where you can see a beam on the side of the stair closing off tread & rise profile. Also generally where the balustrade is attached.

Concealed string stair:

Generally, where the tread & rise goes between two walls. No stringer visible when walking up the stair. Can also incorporate a shadow line nosing at the tread & rise junction.

Cut string stair:

Where you see the profile of the tread & rise from the side and the string is cut to go under the tread & rise, thus giving a saw tooth effect.

Mono Stringer stair

A mono stringer stair uses a single ‘beam–like’ stringer that supports the centre of the treads 
from below and no risers are present.

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