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Glass Railings

Aerowood Stairs are one of the leading staircase manufacturers and suppliers in Ontario and are able to supply a wide range of glass stairs and glass staircase parts. We are able to build staircases with in-built glass panels. With our large range of staircases and stair parts you will easily be able to find the glass stairs that you are looking for.

































Our glass staircases are dispatched without the glass. Once you have had the staircase fitted we then ask you to check the final return balustrading inside dimension between the newels. We need dimension "A", "B" and "C". The rake balustrading does not need to be measured (this has already been measured).



The glass will be sent to you as a separate delivery, three weeks later with all the glass clamps.







Aerowood Stairs glass staircases are built using 10mm toughened glass.

Once the glass panels have been manufactured and toughened they cannot be cut again.

Your glass staircase panels can be cut to various shapes.




Please Note - As an additonal option, we can offer complete glass panels with no gap.

Rebated handrail, baserail and newels accommodate a full sheet of glass.

These glass staircases take longer to install.The joinery on the return balustrading cannot be fully finished until the final delivery of glass.

The glass panels have to be slipped into position at the same time as all components of the staircase are placed in situ.

Your glass panels will be slightly bevelled for safety:




Aerowood Stairs glass staircases are built with a gap between the glass and newel, handrail or top of string of 20mm all around.



Matt stainless steel clamps are used to grip your glass staircase panels into place.



The glass clamps are first screwed into the newel post.

One side of the glass clamp is removed.


Remove one side of the clamp so that the glass panel can be held in place, while the clamp side piece can be screwed back into place.



Below are the Aerowood Stairs glass staircase department recommended positions for fixing the glass clamps.


Please Note - We do have some customers who prefer clamping the staircase from the top and bottom.



Please Note - A traditional staircase will have a section through as the following:



A glass staircase can be sent out with the following profile: here the staircase handrail will have no recess and the glass will sit just above the staircase string i.e there is no base rail.



OR a glass staircase will be sent out with a base rail as below (it depends on your personal aesthetics).  

Here the staircase handrail and the base rail will have no recess.



Aerowood Stairs recommend that when using standard 10mm toughened glass, glass panel lengths do not exceed 1.7m long.  

If this length is exceeded then 18mm toughened glass can be used, but the costs are approximately four times the 10mm toughened glass.

See below for a view of your staircase using 18mm toughened glass.




Aerowood Stairs sell glass staircases in all shapes and sizes.

You can use our free staircase designer tool - StairCreator to see what your glass staircase will could look like, but remember, if you have any questions or need any help about your choice of glass staircase please don't hesitate to phone us about your glass staircase choice.

We are a very friendly company, phone Aerowood Stairs on (647) 861 1778.

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