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Flooring Services


Whatever your existing floor type is: ceramic tile, vinyl tile, hardwood flooring and carpet. We will do its complete removal and disposal.


To maximize the new flooring’s function, we will complete any sub-flooring preparation that includes levelling a concrete sub-floor or installing new sheets of plywood.

Professional Installation and Refinishing Wood Floors and Stairs

Depending on your selection of products and job requirements, we can offer glue down, nail down or floating installation of your new hardwood flooring. We can also re-sand and re-stain your existing floor if you prefer.

Professional Installation of Trims and Finished Carpentry

For finishing touches on your new hardwood floors, we can provide you with installation of baseboards, quarter round, shoe moulding, transitions and/or reducers.

Customized and On-site Finishing

We offer customized stain colors and on-site finishing where you can choose the colors and finishes you like, and we will have them made and applied to the flooring on-site for you.

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